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Unique hand made caricatures online

How it works

1. Choose your "Artz" on the homepage.


2. Which "Madonna is your favorite? Just click on the one that looks the best to you. You'll be directed to the Artist's gallery in which you'll be able to see more caricatures drawn by the chosen artist.


3. Are you sure you picked the right "Artz"? If not, No problem! Just go back and choose another.

If your selection is final, just continue with your order according to the instructions on the Home  page.


4. Fill in the "order details" form. Be sure to mention any specific instructions or just about anything you want the artist to know or do, for instance: "Make my eyes green", Put me infront of the Eiffel tower", "make me point upwards", "I want to be wearing a pink dress", etc.


5. Pick one of the 3 options - "Half body","Full body" or "Full body with background".


6. Click on "Buy now", Pay and voila! Your custom handmade caricature is on its way!

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