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Unique hand made caricatures online


1. What is "ZoomArtz?

ZoomArtz is the place where you and your family & friends can get your custom, handmade caricatures drawn by real artists and sent right to your inbox!

2. Can I order more then 1 caricature?

Sure! You can order as many caricatures as you like. Just upload the photos and we'll do the rest. You can also order more than one caricature of the same photo (head only + full body, different positions/clothes etc.). Payment for each order shall be made seperately.

3. How do I submit my photo to ZoomArtz?

In order to submit your photo, please fill in the "order details" form on the main page.

4. What are the payment options?

We accept paypal or credit card. After submitting the "order details" form you'll need to complete your order by choosing one of the three products.

5. Is "ZoomArtz" secure?

Sure! We do not collect any personal or payment details at Payment is made via Paypal. 

6. Will my caricature be published anywhere?

No! We will never publish your photos or charicatures without your permission.

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